Tawny Owl At Night | Wildlife Photography

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a wild Tawny Owl at night. Until now I had only tried to photograph Owls in the daytime or evening because I wasn't keen on the idea of using a flash to photograph a nocturnal animal with such sensitive eyesight. I know what it's like to have my picture taken with a bright flash so I can only imagine what an Owl would feel. Luckily at this hide there is spot lighting already set up on one of the Owls regular perches so it can see the lights long before it lands. With the amount of rain falling I wasn't sure the Owl would even show up but eventually it did and I managed to get a few nice shots including this one. While you might see a Tawny Owl in the day time if you're lucky, they are usually quite well hidden in the tree tops so it was great to see one so close. For more wildlife photos click here.

Tawny Owl Photography At Night