Portrait & Pet Photography

I have been busy with commercial photography for the last week photographing properties, people and pets. Today I was visiting Wagtails On The Wolds to take some business portraits. The dogs were very well behaved and we were able to get some great photos. Here is one of my favourites. For more portrait photography click here.


Encounters With A Tawny Owl

Wildlife photography often just comes down to luck and this week was no different. I gave a one-to-one photography workshop on Saturday at Tophill Low Nature Reserve and after kindly sending my a testimonial my client mentioned she had left her lens hood at one of the hides. So the next day I went back down to collect it for her and on the way to the hide I had an amazing encounter with this Tawny Owl which was perched on a very low branch only about 8ft from the footpath. As I got closer I expected it would fly off but it just turned it's head keeping a watchful eye on me to make sure I didn't get to close. I spent about 5 minutes just sat watching it and then I slowly walked off so as not to disturb it. I often hear Tawny Owls in the trees but rarely see them so close. For more wildlife photography click here.


Published In BBC Wildlife Magazine

It was great to see one of my Red Squirrel photos on the cover of BBC Wildlife Magazines 'Beautiful Wild Britain Guide'. Here is a photo of the cover and I have been putting together a bit of a portfolio of my published work which you can view here.


Bali Travel Photography

I've just returned from my honeymoon on the beautiful Island of Bali in Indonesia. It was my first trip to this part of the world and I wasn't disappointed. Here is one of my favourite places. The Heavens Gate overlooks the active Volcano of Mount Agung at Lempuyang Temple. For more travel photography click here.


Sewerby Hall Wedding Photography

Congratulations to Leonie & David on their wedding yesterday at Sewerby Hall & Gardens near Bridlington. After the recent storms we were fortunate to have a beautiful calm and sunny day and the gardens where in full spring colour which was ideal for photos. Here is one of my favourite shots from the day. For more information on Wedding Photography in Driffield & East Yorkshire click here.


Sedlec Ossuary (Kutna Hora)

While in Prague I made a trip to the fascinating Sedlec Ossuary or Bone Church at Kutna Hora. While it is a bit more macabre than the other historic architecture in the Czech Republic, I would definitely recommend a visit because it's so unique. For more travel photography galleries click here.


Old Town Prague

I just returned from a short break to Prague in the Czech Republic. It's the first time I've visited the city and there are some great photo opportunities and some incredible architecture. This shot was taken from the Old Town Hall Tower over looking the Old Town Square and the Church of Our Lady before Týn. For more travel photography galleries click here.


Darnholm Stepping Stones

As the weather was still so calm I travelled up to Goathland to go walking. I have walked round via the Darnholm Stepping Stones a few times but either the light has been bad or the water level was wrong. Today the conditions where perfect for some long exposure photos. Here is one of my favourites. For more landscape photography of Yorkshire click here.


Driffield Sunset

Today actually brought some sunshine so I couldn't miss the opportunity to try and capture the sunset and I'm glad I did because it looked incredible. Here is the impressive orange sky over Driffield in East Yorkshire. For more landscape photos of Yorkshire click here.


Flamborough Lighthouse At Night

This evening I drove out to Flamborough Head to photograph the Supermoon rising over the sea. The clouds got in the way for the actual moon rise but Flamborough Lighthouse looked pretty impressive lighting up the night sky so I decided to try and capture the beams of light emitting from the lighthouse. I tried various techniques until I found one that worked really well. For more of my night photography click here.


One-to-One Photography Workshop

This weekend I was running a workshop for a couple of clients covering landscape and macro photography. We went to my local nature reserve at Tophill Low and worked on a variety of settings and techniques using manual settings in various light conditions. We were lucky enough to get an incredible sunset to finish the afternoon which was perfect for practising some of the techniques. They were also kind enough to send me some feedback which you can read here.


Illuminated Whitby Abbey

Last night I drove up to Whitby to photograph the annual Illuminated Whitby Abbey. We didn't quite get the sunset afterglow I was hoping for but it was still a dramatic sky as the sun set and the Abbey was lit up. For more landscapes and night photography click here.


Beverley Minster Sunset

This time of year always creates some stunning sunsets and I have been trying to capture this seen for quite a while. When I drove past on Friday the sky looked just as incredible but I didn't have my camera with me so on Saturday night I went back to try get some photos. Luckily we got this amazing after glow about 10mins after the sunset which silhouetted Beverley Minster and reflected perfectly in the canal. For more landscape photography click here.


Pocklington Wedding Photography

Congratulations to Charley & Ally on their wedding this week at The KP at Pocklington. I always like to try some fun shots when I can so thanks to the couple for letting me try this one. It was great fun to shoot. For more information on wedding photography click here.


Autumn Wedding Photography

Congratulations to another great couple who got married this week. The reception was at the popular Bell Hotel in Driffield which is covered in ivy and this time of year has some incredible colours which helps create beautiful wedding portraits like this. For more information on wedding photography click here.


Insect Photography

The sun was out today but I didn't have much free time so I just spent half an hour in the garden with the macro lens. There were numerous bees and insects including this Blue Bottle which really stood out in the sunlight. For more wildlife photography click here.


Hull Wedding Photography

Congratulations to Laurence & Emma on their wedding at the stunning Guild Hall in Hull this week. The architecture gave us plenty of opportunity to get some creative photos both inside and outside the building. Here is one of my favourites. For more information on wedding photography click here.


Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Challenge

This weekend I was out in the sunshine photographing riders on the Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Challenge at one of the refreshment stops at Wold Top Brewery in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds. The photos are all online now to view and the organisers should be sending you the details shortly.


Beverley Wedding Photography

This weekend I was in Beverley to photograph Jo & Tristan's wedding. One of the go to places for wedding photos in Beverley is of course Beverley Westwood and it was such a beautiful sunny day we couldn't miss the opportunity. Despite the fact it was also race day we managed to find a nice quite area to take some photos. Here is one of my favourites. For more information on wedding photography in Yorkshire, the UK or abroad click here.


Whitby Sunset

I was out chasing sunsets again last night and this time I was up at Whitby on the North Yorkshire Coast. During mid summer the sun sets over the sea which creates some beautiful sunsets if your lucky enough to avoid the cloud and sea mist. Luckily last night it was clear and sunny so after a walk around Whitby to photograph some of the iconic views of the town I headed up the famous 199 steps to get a good vantage point to photography the sunset over Whitby Harbour. Here is my favourite shot. For more Yorkshire Landscape Photography click here.


Buy Prints Online

You can now order some of the most popular wildlife and landscape photography prints from my online shop. There is FREE UK POSTAGE on all orders and the prints are available as standard Oped Edition A4 Prints or Limited Edition A3 Prints. Larger sizes, framed prints and canvases are available on request and if you would like a print of an image that is not currently in the shop just contact me your requirements. For more information and to view the online shop click here.


Yorkshire Wolds Sunset

Last night sky looked like it had potential for a great sunset so I went for a drive to get a few photos. I tried a few different locations but finally found this view between Cowlam and West Lutton on the Yorkshire Wolds with the sun reflected on the road. For more landscape photography click here.


Ilkley Wedding Photography

This weekend I was over in West Yorkshire in the scenic town of Ilkley to photograph Helen & Jim's wedding. There is a lot of beautiful and iconic scenery for photographs including the Cow & Calf rocks on Ilkley Moor but I also had a walk around the town that morning and found this great view of the old bridge crossing the River Wharf near the centre of Ilkley so after the meal and speeches we walked down to the river to capture a few more photos. Here is a shot taken near the old bridge. For a full portfolio and more information on wedding photography click here.


Property Photography

I've been busy with interior and property photography this last few weeks for various clients including estate agents, construction companies and master craftsmen. Here is an image from a recent shoot of a bespoke kitchen. For more interior and property photography click here.


RSPB Bempton Cliffs

Today was such a sunny day I drove up to RSPB Bempton Cliffs to take some photos of the sea birds. There were one or two Puffins around and various other species including a Seal swimming in the waters below but it was mainly the Gannets I was there to photograph. This time of year they are busy collecting grass and nesting material from the cliff tops which can create some great photo opportunities like this shot of a Gannet peering over the flowers which line the cliffs. For more wildlife photography click here.


Tawny Owl

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a wild Tawny Owl at night. Until now I had only tried to photograph Owls in the daytime or evening because I wasn't keen on the idea of using a flash to photograph a nocturnal animal with such sensitive eyesight. I know what it's like to have my picture taken with a bright flash so I can only imagine what an Owl would feel. Luckily at this hide there is spot lighting already set up on one of the Owls regular perches so it can see the lights long before it lands. With the amount of rain falling I wasn't sure the Owl would even show up but eventually it did and I managed to get a few nice shots including this one. While you might see a Tawny Owl in the day time if you're lucky, they are usually quite well hidden in the tree tops so it was great to see one so close. For more wildlife photos click here.


Diving Kingfishers

I just returned from a short trip to Scotland and one of the highlights was visiting a Kingfisher hide set up to give you some great opportunities to photograph them diving. The speed they dive at is incredible and it's definitely a challenge to get some good shots but I got a few I was really happy with including this one as the kingfisher emerged with a fish. For more bird and wildlife photography click here.


Limited Edition Tour De Yorkshire Prints

If you are in Beverley next week for stage one of the Tour De Yorkshire 2019 then have a look in the Creative Lab on Flemingate in Beverley. My Limited Edition Tour De Yorkshire prints are available as a 20x8 Panoramic print or A3 print either framed or unframed and there is a range of wildlife and landscape photography as well.


Cycling For Yorkshire Air Ambulance

On Friday I was doing some cycling for charity at Beverley Building Society. Along with staff and volunteers they are cycling a total of 597 miles, the distance of the Tour De Yorkshire in the build up to the race at the beginning of May. I managed 30 miles for them in the hour and a half I was there which may not seem to far for a lot of you road cyclists but I didn't think it was to bad for a mountain biker. The money raised will be going to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance so if anyone would like to donate or volunteer to do some cycling you can pop in and see them. They are also running a competition to win a pretty nice looking road bike and I have donated one of my most popular limited edition Tour De Yorkshire prints as a prize as well.


Castle Howard

Yesterday I was up near Malton for a meeting but it was such a nice day I thought I'd go up a few hours early and stop off at Castle Howard for a wonder round to take some photos. I've been past many times but never actually been into the grounds. There was a lot of wildlife in the ponds and gardens including Kestrels and one pond which was full of Newts. Unfortunately they were a bit difficult to photograph through the water but I got plenty of photos of the house and grounds including this one. For more photos of Yorkshire click here.


A White Stork In East Yorkshire

Yesterday I had seen a few people online talking about a White Stork in a nearby village but the weather was terrible and I already have quite a few pictures of them in Morocco and the Netherlands. However I had a bit of time this morning and the sun was shining so I went for a walk to see if it was still there. Luckily it was and I managed to get a couple of photos before I had to head off. Here is the White Stork stood on the banks of Wansford Canal. For more wildlife photography click here.


The Beast From The East Returns

After a brief spell of warmers weather the beast from the east has returned bringing more snow and gale force winds. This time I went down to Bridlington to try and get a few shots of the big waves crashing over the harbour wall. The conditions weren't ideal with the snow showers and the strong winds blowing spray onto my lens every time I pointed it towards the waves but after a lot of lens cleaning and numerous attempts I managed to get this shot of a big wave. The shot is available through my Alamy page here.


Bespoke Canvas Prints

I recently delivered five bespoke canvas prints to Ullyotts Estate Agents in Driffield. The Tour De Yorkshire image was taken from their office window so it seemed fitting they should have a print of it. The others feature local scenes from around Driffield and the Yorkshire Wolds. If you're interested in prints for your home or business you can contact me for more details. Here is a photo of some of the canvases now decorating their offices.


Icicles In East Yorkshire

This weeks weather has certainly kept things interesting. Driving into town today I noticed this incredible ice formation on the lock gates along the Driffield canal and I had to go back home and get my camera. The freezing Siberian winds had blown all the spray from the water back onto the lock creating these impressive icicles. It felt more like Iceland or Norway than the Yorkshire Wolds. This image and a few others are available via Alamy here.


The Beast From The East

The Beast from the East has arrived this week, bringing with it lots of great photo opportunities if you're able to reach the place you're trying to get to. Luckily it wasn't to bad on the drive down to Tophill Low Nature Reserve and I'm glad I made the effort. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the Ermine Stoat that I had seen a few days before but I did find some of the Roe Deer sheltering in the woodland which looked very picturesque in fresh snow. Here is one of the Stags. For more wildlife photography click here.


Latest Stock Images

I spent the last few days creating various stock images which are now available through Alamy. Here is an example of one of the images and you can find more commercial, travel and nature stock images on my Alamy page here.


Canvas Print Donation

I recently produced two Canvas prints for a company in Scarborough to decorate their office. When they arrived there was a faint line across each print, presumably from a printer error. It was only faint but I rang up and the company sent out two replacements and told me to just bin the first two. This seemed like a waste to just throw them away so I decided since they were scenes of Scarborough it would be better to donate them to Scarborough Hospital. Today I received an email and a photo thanking me for my donation and letting me know they have been used to decorate one of the rooms in Oak Ward.


Editorial Photography

Today I was on location at a local Tesco store taking some editorial images for The Grocer Magazine. The brief was to photograph the store manager with the Tesco signage for use in an upcoming feature. For more information on editorial and portrait photography click here.


Yorkshire Wolds Sunset

Tonight I was out for a walk on the Yorkshire Wolds and as the sun was setting I noticed this scene in the distance. I only had one lens with me and while it is a very simple photograph I love the contrast between the light and shade. For more Yorkshire landscape photography click here.


The Humber Bridge

I was busy with a number of commercial shoots and family portraits today in the run up to Christmas but I had an hour between jobs so I went to Hessle Foreshore to grab some lunch and take a few photos. This view over the Humber looked so peaceful that I had to take a few photos.


North Yorkshire Seals

There are many great places in the UK to see Grey Seals and the Yorkshire Coast is no exception. Today I was up in North Yorkshire to photograph one of the local Seal colonies. It's the first time I've visited this colony and although you can't get as close as you can at places like Donna Nook. I think the scene is much more natural. Most of the Seals were sheltered in amongst the rocks but I noticed this Seal out on it's own with the North Sea waves crashing behind him.


Yorkshire Wolds Stargazing

Tonight I was out on the Yorkshire Wolds at Sledmere Monument to give a one to one class on night photography. When I saw it was going to be clear skies I thought we might get a chance of capturing the Leonids but to my surprise it was so clear we were treated to a view of the Milkyway even it was only a faint view! After a few hours and some light painting we had a great selection of photos. For more night photography images click here. If you’re interested in a one to one photography course you can find more information here.


Yorkshire Photography Exhibition

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to the exhibition, it was great to meet so many people and the feedback and comments have been amazing. I’d like to thank everyone who liked or shared the event online and i’d especially like to thank Robin & Victoria Small of William Gibbons Fine Art for the use of their beautiful exhibition space, Samantha Ullyott of Ullyotts Chartered Accountants for contributing towards the exhibition and Karen at No.18 Gallery in Driffield for getting all my prints ready and framed! We’d also like to thank everyone who donated to the Rohingya Crisis Appeal for which we raised over £215.


Commercial Photography

Today I was at local agricultural company James Mortimers Ltd to photograph the collection of a new trailer and to take some promotional shots for use on websites and social media. Whatever your business area it’s always great to keep people up to date with what you’re doing. For more advertising images click here.


Latest Wedding Testimonial

This week I received a testimonial from Jess & Adam who's wedding I photographed a few weeks ago. There is a lot to think about when you’re photographing a wedding so it’s always rewarding to know my customers are so happy with the photos!

"You photographed our day perfectly, capturing the love and happiness from start to finish. We look at the photos now and we are able to remember every moment and emotion from our day, they really are outstanding. We love how helpful and attentive you were throughout the day, you listened to what we asked for but also took your own initiative and produced some truly fabulous shots .... The sunset shots are simply beautiful. You knew the best places both at the church and at the venue to capture the photos, you were very patient with us when getting the group photos and you have managed to capture the joy of the day in every photo. We would recommend you to anyone. You did a fabulous job. Thank you so much for photographing our special day, Jess & Adam"


Mountain Bike Photography

Today I was in Dalby Forest taking some photos of local mountain biker Rob Munby for my cycling photography project. I always enjoy sports photography so it was good fun to go and create some action shots like this one on a downhill section. For more portrait and sports photography click here.


Scarborough Wedding Photography

Recently I was at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel in North Yorkshire to photograph Kevin & Becky’s wedding. I had visited the venue with them about this time last year to plan out some photos but most of the images we had planned where in the grounds outside so we all had our fingers crossed for good weather. Luckily for Kevin & Becky there was only a few small showers first thing and then the weather gradually improved through the day. It was even nice enough for the ceremony to be held outside and later in the evening we were treated to a stunning sunset over the North Yorkshire countryside. For more wedding photography click here.


Saltwick Bay Sunset

This evening I drove up to Saltwick Bay near Whitby to photograph the sunset over the wreck of the Admiral Von Tromp. The sunset was stunning with an amazing orange light reflected on the rocks of Saltwick nab. For more Yorkshire Landscape Photography click here.


A Kestrel & It's Kill

This afternoon I was at Tophill Low Nature Reserve and as I was walking around I saw a Kestrel drop into the long grass and emerge with a kill. Luckily it was preoccupied with it's meal which allowed me to get quite close to get this photo. For more Yorkshire Birds & Wildlife Photography click here.


Tour De Yorkshire 2017

Today I was in Driffield to photograph the Tour De Yorkshire. Ullyotts estate agents Kindly let me take photos from their office window allowing me to get a great angle looking down the Main Street as the peloton came through. Here is my favourite shot.


Gannets At Bempton Cliffs

Today I travelled up the coast to RSPB Bempton Cliffs to photograph some of the sea birds. Afternoon is usually the best light for capturing the birds in flight but I means the cliffs themselves are in shade. I noticed this Gannet clinging to one of the last sunny spots on the cliffs. For more Yorkshire Wildlife Photography click here.


City Of Culture Fireworks

Last night I was in Hull to photograph the firework display launching them as the UK City Of Culture 2017. The display was pretty impressive and it certainly launched the new year with a bang! If you're interested in firework photography you can read my guide on 'How to take Firework Photos' here.


Cycling Photography

Today I was out on the Yorkshire Wolds photographing a local cyclist as part of my cycling photography project. For more portrait & sports photography click here.


Whitby Wedding Photography

This week I was photographing the first of two weddings I have in North Yorkshire this summer. Starting at Whitwell-on-the-hill near Malton to photograph Phil & Chloe’s wedding at a beautiful old church. Despite a few heavy showers the bad weather seemed to be perfectly timed to when we where indoors. After the ceremony everyone travelled over to Carr Mount Estate near Whitby for the reception and by the time we arrived the clouds had cleared giving us plenty of time to get all the formal and informal shots around the gardens before the speeches and meal in the onsite Wedding Tipi. For more wedding photography click here.


Sir David Attenborough In York

After a few days in the Yorkshire Dales National Park we finished off this week by seeing Sir David Attenborough at The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's 70th Anniversary event at the University of York. I think anyone with an interest in the natural world will have been influenced by this inspirational man and it was a privilege to hear him speak about some of his experiences and to hear about the great work of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.


Ingleton Waterfall Trail

I've just returned from a few days in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. One of my favourite walks is always the Ingleton Waterfall Trail which has numerous stunning waterfalls to view. Here is one of the small waterfalls. For more waterfalls and Yorkshire Landscape Photography click here.


Whitby Harbour Sunset

This afternoon I was in North Yorkshire to visit a couple about their upcoming wedding. After the meeting it looked like it was going to be a nice evening so I drove over to Whitby to capture a few sunset photos. The sunset itself wasn't very dramatic but I took a few more shots just after the sun had dropped over the horizon resulting in some very calm and tranquil images of the harbour which doesn't happen to often. For more Yorkshire Landscape Photography click here.


Sports & Fitness Photography

Today I was doing a fitness photoshoot for a local personal trainer creating some new images and video clips for their website. The photography brief was just to create some simple artistic images for use on the website and other marketing. Here is one of the photos from the shoot. To see more of my business portrait work click here.


Product Photography

I recently created this image for a local jewellers. Unlike a lot of the product photos I take this one was also to be used to decorate the shop wall which meant it needed to be very closely checked because the slightest blemish or speck of dust will stand out easily on an image that size. Lucky the attention to detail was worth the effort and the finished product looks great. Here is the digital version. For more product and advertising photography click here.


Driffield Wedding Photography

This weekend I was photographing a local wedding at Driffield Church with the reception at a private venue near by. We had a beautiful sunny day from start to finish allow us to make the most of the venue and take lots of images outside. Here is a shot of the couple with their wedding car.


Pet Portrait Photography

In the run up to Christmas I'm always busy with portrait work and this year was no different. Today I was out photographing two energetic Spaniels on location for their afternoon walk. Location shoots are always great fun especially if the dogs can run around and enjoy themselves. Here is one of the Spaniels having a brief sit down while waiting for his stick to be thrown. For more information on Dog & Pet Photography please contact me.


Equestrian Photography

Today I was photographing a Dressage event at a local equestrian centre. With any sports photography it's about capturing the right moment so I had to learn quickly and capture the right moments in the sequence. I always enjoy the challenge of sports photography so if you would like me to photograph your event you can contact me for more details.


Shortlisted Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

This year I was fortunate enough to get two images shortlisted for the NHM Wildlife Photographer Of The Year. The images are from last years trip to Svalbard & Jan Mayen. One featured a rare scene with hundreds of Harp Seals hauled out on the sea ice of the North Atlantic while they were molting and the other I've shared below is a shot of a Bearded Seal returning to the sea. For more arctic wildlife and landscape images click here.


Red Squirrels Of The Yorkshire Dales

This week I've been in the Yorkshire Dales photographing the Red Squirrels. It's great to know there are still some populations of these amazing animals in Yorkshire. The Red Squirrels where very active getting ready for Winter which gave lots of great photo opportunities. Here is one of my favourites. For more Yorkshire Wildlife Photography click here.


Shortlisted British Wildlife Photography Awards

I'm happy to say this image of a Cormorant in the Yorkshire Dales was shortlisted for the British Wildlife Photography Awards. Unfortunately it did not win anything this time but it's still one of my favourite wildlife shots. For more Yorkshire Wildlife Photography click here.


Destination Wedding Photography

This past week I have been in Florida photographing a destination wedding at the stunning Costa d' Esta in Vero Beach. Photographing a wedding abroad is always an exciting opportunity and with such a beautiful location and great couple to work with it was a pleasure to photograph. For more information on wedding photography click here.


Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Semi Finalist

I'm proud to say this image of two Polar Bears yawning on the sea ice of Spitsbergen got through to the semi finals of the NHM Wildlife Photographer Of The Year. It's been one of my most popular Polar Bear images and while it didn't win anything I hope it still helps to raise awareness of how vital and unique the arctic eco systems are! For more images of arctic wildlife and landscapes click here.