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Nature Photography

I've always been passionate about nature and travel so when I'm not busy with commercial work I love to explore with my camera. Sometimes these are purely personal projects, some images I sell as limited edition prints and stock images and others are taken from opportunities that arise from my commercial photography. I always find that visiting somewhere new and meeting new people gives me a different perspective on life, and while I know there is a balance between travelling and protecting the environment, I think people are much more invested in protecting places and wildlife that they have a connection too. The mission of my personal projects is to inspire people to help preserve and protect the environment as much as possible. I'm not here to preach to people because I know it's difficult and I am constantly trying to make changes in my own life to live more sustainably, I just hope that some of these images inspire you to do the same. You can contact me for more information or to discuss collaborating on projects.

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